Dec 19 2015

Immanuel – God with Us. What does that look like today?

“Immanuel” – God With Us!  What Does That Look Like Today?
“For to us a child is born… and he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace

there will be not end.”  

Isaiah 9: 

6-7.  The prophet Isaiah spoke this truth across 700 years of troubled history, pointing to Christmas and the birth of Jesus, the fullness of Immanuel. God is now with us!
  The questions in our day are;
  • “What will Immanuel -God with us- look like for this young man and his generation?
  • “What does ‘Of the increase of his government and peace’ look like today, and what is our role, that ‘there will be no end’?

At Meniscus, we are committed to walking with this young generation – in Africa and the Appalachians- into the fullness of forgiveness, restoration, and overcoming that Jesus paid the price for over two thousand years ago.


For us that has two nodes of focus; the new Mvumbi Project of holistic discipleship in South Africa, and the Appalachian School of Ministry and Missions in Boone NC. Both are built upon our decade of experience with great partners in Southern Africa and our nearly three decades of public ministry.


We hope you are encouraged in your walk with Jesus today, for every follower is a minister and every place is a mission field. We’d love to have you join in our work.

   Immanuel is present here and now. 2100 years after the first Christmas, Immanuel is still with us. “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” God with us.
Hoping you have a rich Christmas with Him


Dec 22 2012

The November African Trip – Having Impact, Being Impacted

Such a great trip… so much more than we’d expected!
We were ‘on mission’ and it was rich… but we also ‘were the mission’ and God was so good to us all!

Here’s an overview of what we did:

Young Orphans Have a Special Day

Young Orphans Have a Special Day

Direct involvement with children, orphans, widows, the under-served and the under-resourced:

“Brothers for Life”- forty young gang members (age 16-26 yr.) looking to leave the street life. Mentoring, Bible studies, Prayer ministry, participated in their worship, discipling, built friendships & trust, counseled, small group ministry, spoke into their lives.
Litsemba Leadership Development Camp – twenty-five young men training for leadership in upcoming weeklong camp for primary school aged OVC ‘s.
“Girls Who Say No”- thirty primary & middle school aged girls addressing life challenges around issues of sexual integrity and character development. Providing women mentors who instill practical, spiritual truths, re-affirming to each child that they are precious, of great value, and hugely important to God. “We shared from our own lives and life lessons, speaking of Jesus’ goodness, love, and healing presence. We spent time with the girls, listening to the girls’ stories and praying with them. It was wonderful; it was powerful.”
“Outside the Box” Christmas Party – a day-long Christmas field day celebration provided to 100 OVC’s from Daanjtie. These children are participants in an ongoing feeding and discipleship program.                                      • Masoyi ‘Grannies’- grandmother caretakers for grandchildren. Learned of their stories, prayed with women, trained in income generation (scarf making). “This is the other side of the OVC story, viewing through the eyes of mothers who have lost their children to AIDS and are now raising their grandchildren. These are amazing women.”

· “Project Purpose” – coming alongside Katie Magill in her seasoned ministry to the ‘street princesses’ and their children in Maputo, Mozambique. Learning of the great work in the city and helping at the ‘safe zone’ home for children in the outlying Matolo area. Spending three days at the Project’s center; helping the staff, playing with the seventeen children living there, and bringing in needed clothes. It was powerful to see the impact of a ‘healthy touch’, ‘healthy men’, and loving prayer on these children.

The team also was able to help in providing tools and ministry in spiritual and psycho-social restoration and healing; hosting workshops on Children & Trauma, Compassion Fatigue, Issues in Trauma, Caring for Wounded Caregivers, Building Resilience, and Vicarious Traumatization. These seminars were provided by our great Canadian members, Sandra Robinson and Stewart Wakeman, both seasoned psychiatric and family counseling professionals well experienced in the African context. This couple also offered individual counseling services to traumatized children living in small group orphan homes.

The Litsemba Center Really Does Impart HOPE into the community

The Litsemba Center Really Does Impart HOPE into the community

Times of prayer, preaching, worship, teaching, and building friendships with groups and churches: “Working on Fire” fire-fighter training school, Surprise Sithole’s Nelspruit church, Kamagugu School for the Disabled, and Betor House.

Hammer and nail actions: renovation and rebuilding of the kitchen at the Litsemba Center in Daantjie.

Fostering the presence and mission of Jesus in our midst…
*It is great to have an impact, to have a sense of missional accomplishment. We had, we believe, such an experience.  *It is great to be impacted, to be aware that God has also used our trip to minister to us, to build us up as His mission field and as His ministers.    *In the coming days we will strive to be increasingly effective in our work in Africa –in aid, development and discipleship.   *We also seek to be increasingly faithful stewards of the fire and gifts that the Lord imparts to team members to bring back to our home ‘mission field’.  *We are so excited to see team members radically impacted by their short-term experience in Africa, and we will continue to hone this dimension of our work at MeniscusInc., ‘Equipping People for The Work of The Ministry; Serving, Equipping, Transforming’

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