Dec 19 2015

Immanuel – God with Us. What does that look like today?

“Immanuel” – God With Us!  What Does That Look Like Today?
“For to us a child is born… and he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace

there will be not end.”  

Isaiah 9: 

6-7.  The prophet Isaiah spoke this truth across 700 years of troubled history, pointing to Christmas and the birth of Jesus, the fullness of Immanuel. God is now with us!
  The questions in our day are;
  • “What will Immanuel -God with us- look like for this young man and his generation?
  • “What does ‘Of the increase of his government and peace’ look like today, and what is our role, that ‘there will be no end’?

At Meniscus, we are committed to walking with this young generation – in Africa and the Appalachians- into the fullness of forgiveness, restoration, and overcoming that Jesus paid the price for over two thousand years ago.


For us that has two nodes of focus; the new Mvumbi Project of holistic discipleship in South Africa, and the Appalachian School of Ministry and Missions in Boone NC. Both are built upon our decade of experience with great partners in Southern Africa and our nearly three decades of public ministry.


We hope you are encouraged in your walk with Jesus today, for every follower is a minister and every place is a mission field. We’d love to have you join in our work.

   Immanuel is present here and now. 2100 years after the first Christmas, Immanuel is still with us. “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” God with us.
Hoping you have a rich Christmas with Him


Jan 21 2014

John Mark McMillan – 2nd thoughts. Knowing & Doing

So the other day I read two postings that really touched me. The first was the blog post prior to this one, a survey of what the Millenials in America thought about poverty.

Shortly thereafter, I watched a wonderful new video preview of John Mark McMillan’s new song “Future/Past”.

So here is the ‘second thought’ of the day…

The Second… Rich lyric. Listening, and it’s a treat seeing people I know joining in worship, I’m struck by the thought that we ‘know’ something when we ‘do’ it. I “knew” baseball as a kid when I played the game, I ‘knew’ the richness of a worship-worthy God when I chose to enter in and ‘do’ worship.
In like manner, I come to ‘know’ the restorative, overcoming power of God to change lives -not when I simply read about it and acknowledge its truth- but when I ‘do’ the restorative, overcoming stuff for other people. We ‘know’ as we ‘engage’ and ‘do’.

Let’s go. Africa. America. Wherever and everywhere. Make it a wonderful infection… I think our Father likes that.

The link…

I want to be a doer of the Word, not just a hearer.

I want to do what He’s in the midst of doing

I want to gladden His heart within the realms of men and upon this Earth

There are a people wandering, looking for the living God, and yearning to travel with Him.

There are a people wandering, looking for the living God, and yearning to travel with Him.

I do not want to ‘white-knuckle it’, but I do not want to ‘sit this one out’.

Let’s go

Sep 26 2013

“Get in the Game!” Rings Through the Bush

Guys love skits; meet Potiphar & flirty 'wife!We are exhaustedly exhilarated after our first two days of the Brothers For Life camp. Just stunning to see these 36 young guys begin to light up and really begin to break free of the bondages, histories, and pressures present in their lives.
The Brothers for Life Camp is being run on the YWAM 10,000 Homes base outside White River, Mpumalanga, South Africa, set deep in a forest of eucalyptus trees. Running from 6:30 a.m. until 9::30 p.m., the camp unites the guys through recreation, psycho-social, and spiritual activities. Serious work and serious fun.
Yesterday’s theme was on the reality of a loving, constant,and personal God. Today’s focus was on developing integrity and strength, and walking with Jesus.At day’s end, seven young guys chose to accept Jesus as Lord for the first time and some twenty re-committed their life to walking with him. It was amazing to see throughout the day how the “ambient culture” of the group grew stronger, more supportive, and more light-hearted. A lightness of heart soaked through the whole camp after team member Seamon Rice encouraged all the young men to “Get Back In The Game”

Jul 20 2012

New African Partners help launch Play Therapy Program

Meet the New Partners…. Tendai and Vimbai Manyau

In our newest July newsletter we introduced an exciting new project that is beginni
ng at the Litsemba Center,”Walking with Wounded Children”. Launched by our partners, Emoyeni, it promises to be a wonderful compliment and ‘next step’ in ministering healing and restoration to the many orphans and sibling-head-of-household with whom the Litsemba partners work. Below is some background information on our new partners in ministry.

African Emoyeni partners; Mather-Pikes & Manyawus

African "Emoyeni" partners; Mather-Pikes & Manyawus

Our South African partner Darryl Mather-Pike of Emoyeni Ministries shares this, “Janine and I met Tendai and Vimbai Manyawu in 2010 and we soon became friends. As we journeyed together over the past 18 months, we have seen that they are sincere believers with true hearts to see the Kingdom of God established.

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, they met at Bible School. Both graduated from Faith World Bible College, Harare, Zimbabwe, with a Diploma in Pastoral Studies and a certificate in Christian Leadership. They served together as student pastors and Tendai later served as an associate pastor. They married in 2008 and in October of 2009 moved to South Africa where they have served in senior leadership positions in two churches.
Tendai’s passion is evangelism. He has seen the hand of the Lord in signs and wonders –blind eyes have opened, the deaf have heard and others have been healed of HIV/Aids. He also has a passion to train and equip others into healthy, supernatural faith as followers of Jesus. Since attending Lowveld Vineyard School of Ministry in Nelspruit, Tendai said, ‘ I now have a great passion to see people established in the truth. People don’t know the truth!’

Vimbai’s passion is for counseling. She loves children, young adults and women. She has worked as a Youth Pastor and a Sunday School teacher. She currently volunteers 3 days a week with Life Line, who have trained her to assist people who have experienced trauma, rape, stress, depression, attempted suicide and a host of other human problems. She has shared on these issues in school presentations and on the radio.

Janine and I really believe in this couple. They have the heart, the character and the skills to make a profound difference in people’s lives and we would love to partner with them in a more structured and intentional way and so do they.”
The Finances…
Meniscus is committed to providing the initial six months of ‘seed money’ for this project with $200.00 per month, supporting Vimbai working 3 afternoons per week from 1pm to 5pm and Tendai supporting discipleship at the Litsemba Center throughout the week.

South African townships Msogwaba & Daantjie

South African townships Msogwaba & Daantjie

Monthly expenses:
Transport: $30 (R250)

Stipend: $125 (R1000)
Tendai Transport: $25(R200)
Supplies: $20 (R160)

Total: $200 (R1600) per month
We’d really like to see this program develop and grow; your help can make this happen and become a sustained program in the Daantjie & Msogwaba communities.

Apr 23 2012

Meniscus Monday… Young Men Jump Into Ministry School

Dear Friends,
Hope you are having a great spring. Until today -it is snowing as I write-we’ve had a beautiful and warm season in Banner Elk, NC. As we transition from spring to summer in America, Africa is moving into it’s winter. You’d be surprised at how cold winter can be in southern Africa, especially since very few homes have any kind of heat source.
We wanted to give you an update on Daniel and Banele, two of the young men that were part of the Discovery Bible Study groups in the township of Daantjie in South Africa’s Mpumalanga Province.  We, along with our African partners, saw in both of these young men faithfulness over a long period of time. They were faithful to attend meetings, help others, be part of a one-on-one mentoring process, along with having hearts for God. Both have had to overcome big obstacles in life. Neither have the benefit of being raised by a father. Daniel was an orphan and Benele could not live with his mother because of the issues of poverty. As one of the family’s oldest children, he had to be ‘farmed out’ to other homes where he worked for his room and board as food became scarce at home.
We see developing wisdom in both young men and because of that we felt that it was time to invest in them in a more directional and intentional way. We hope that you are in agreement and can be in prayer for these guys and the work in South Africa, as Meniscus provides these two young men in ministry training.
The Lowveld-Vineyard School of Supernatural Ministry started in February 2012. The focus of the school which meets at Betor House in Nelspruit, RSA  is:  Knowing the Heart of Our Father God, the “Agape Road”, Worship and the Prophetic, the Vineyard Bible Institute Curriculum, Idenity in Christ, Walking in Our Giftings, Evangelism, and planting/establishing Simple Churches. Meniscus is funding Benele and Daniel for this two year school. They live and work in the township then take a bus into Nelspruit two days a week. They are able to spend the night at the home of Mamkhulu (the ministry of another partner, Heather Stevens, see It’s a lot of effort on their part but they are thriving in the Ministry school atmosphere and they are full of thanksgiving and joy at this opportunity.
The Daniel’s and the Benele’s of the township communities, as they fulfill their call and destiny, are the ones who – through Jesus Christ -will help bring restoration and transformation to their communities and to southern Africa. Thanks for your investment in these young men. They can do what we cannot in advancing the Kingdom of God, bringing enduring change and eternal hope to broken cultures.

“To the King and to His Kingdom”

Scott and Becky Lycan
USA cell 828-260-9313

Meniscus;a culture of equipping,releasing & support across the barriers that separate us from one another & God.

Meniscus;a culture of equipping,releasing & support across the barriers that separate us from one another & God.

Dec 29 2011

Go Against the Flow! Have an impact in 2011

There's a difference between 'pretty' and 'effective'!

There's a big difference between "pretty" and "effective"! We may not be pretty, but we're pretty effective.

December 29,2011

USA Today headlines today… “Large charities see donations surge up 5% this year… though small charities see a decline..”

Buck the Trend.  You can have a direct and measurable impact at a grass-roots effort. You can impact poverty, need, and darkness, still in 2011. It’s not too late to give toward charitable work that has a lasting impact.

Check out the online catalog and year-end report, esp. page 7. You determine exactly where you want your giving to go! We’ll keep you informed on an individual & relational level.  You can know just what impact you’re donations are having!……. link to the online catalog; then flip to page 7.

Thanks for your consideration, and have a great 2012.
Scott & the Meniscus team

link to the USA Today article…

Dec 26 2009

Holiday Word; “Ride the Horse What Brung Ya’”

Becky and I are back stateside for a short time, snuggled into our little cabin in the North Carolina mountains. Wrestling with the questions we all face in these days, ”Lord, what is going on here?”, I have come to a profound (that may be a bit too self-aggrandizing) conclusion, a word I must share with you in this Christmas/New Year season in which so much seems to be shaking. The advice, to use a mountain term, is to“Ride the horse what brung ya’.”
Now track with me on this. MeniscusInc, Becky and I are working in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, for one reason; we are ‘riding the horse what brung us’. In a time of much uncertainty, we remember that our ‘sending’ was powered by the story of Jesus’ sending out seventy-two of his followers found in Luke 10, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask th Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Go, I am sending you out like lambs among wolves… When you enter a house, first say, ‘Peace to this house.’… Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘The kingdom of God is near you.’… The seventy-two returned with joy and said,”Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.”
Those of us engaged in MeniscusInc need to remind ourselves that Jesus has been faithful in doing the same thing in our midst in Africa as he did with his disciples in Judea and Galilee. This is the ‘horse what brung us’ to the teeming townships of Mpumalanga. We are just following Him. As we have stepped out in faith God has done miraculous and amazing things.
We want to declare to you, and encourage you, that God is good, God is active, and God is working to extend his “Peace” and his “Kingdom” in all our lives, as we are willing to follow him.

Take a few minutes today to read Luke’s amazing account here; deeply spiritual and intensely practical. Your own ‘sentness’ may not involve Africa, but it surely does involve wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Regardless of your economics, education, or personal particulars, one sure way to find your footing in these days is to walk in His ways in ministering the “Peace” and “The kingdom is near” right where you live and work. Step out this season and“Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be added.” These words, spoken by Jesus and recorded in Luke 12, are applicable to those who’ve been following Jesus for years and also for those just now seeking the Truth in troubled and uncertain times. True truth then and true truth now.

After all, on the first Christmas, in the greatest story of all time, isn’t this the just what happened writ large? And Mary said to the Angel of the Lord, “Here is your servant, may it be unto me according to your purposes.” And she, in faith and pregnant with Jesus, rode on a donkey to Bethlehem. She just rode the ‘horse what brung her’ to Bethlehem, into her destiny and role in God’s great, good plans.
As we all face a new year of challenges, may we all remember and be strengthened in our Father’s faithfulness, love and purposes, made manifest in Jesus’ coming, and present with us now by the Holy Spirit. May you come to “ride on that horse” with joy and confidence. Have truly joyous Christmas and an overcoming 2010.

Scott & Becky Lycan for Meniscus Inc.

The Year in Review
Meniscus, Inc. works from the conviction that social, ethical and personal reformation depend upon spiritual transformation and the establishment of supportive communities. Toward that end we have been engaged in southern Africa nations since 2006, helping link community development efforts with the facilitation of self-sustaining indigenous discipleship growth.

In the second half of 2009, we have helped establish South African partnerships and efforts that:
*Glean from farmers’ fields and poultry farms, averaging 400-600 pounds of fresh produce and nearly 500 eggs per week.
*Gathered food is distributed by Swati and Zulu disciples within their neighborhood communities to those in the greatest need, typically widows and orphans.
*Meet weekly with self-replicating discipleship groups in the teeming informal township communities. As strategy coordinators our goal is to establish 200 communities of disciple-making groups or churches in two years time. We seek to help indigenous African disciples make disciple-making disciples who transform their communities in deeply spiritual and imminently practical ways. In the last six months we have helped establish five discipleship communities established in the Daanjte, Msogwaba, and Masoyi townships.
*Established a Memorandum of Understanding with a Swati tribal trust and two South African charitable works to open the Lithemba (Swati for “Hope”) Center, with the plan to provide key community development services; feeding programs for vulnerable populations, housing for young adult orphans, after-school tutoring, small business training and micro-financing, and life-skills training in sexual integrity, pre-natal pregnancy care, marriage preparation, and basic decision-making skills. The Lithemba Center will also serve as a training center for indigenous leadership development, house-based church development and basic discipleship. The Center is now undergoing renovation, available for occupancy in January.
*Serve as training partners to two South African church fellowships and an international ministry in their plans to establish disciple-making movements and church-planting bible studies.
*Continue partnership with “Hands of Grace”, a South African charitable work, in the work of growing a women’s sewing guild providing sustainable income growth, and providing an ongoing discipleship training group. The guild has been working since August, 2008, providing needed income for over one hundred people in the Masoyi township community.
*Provide training opportunity for five ministry interns in conjunction with Iris Africa and three other South African and Mozambican ministries.

Social indicators – Mpumalanga Province and South Africa

Poverty and Employment.
•Nearly 5 out of 10 South Africans still live in poverty, over 22 million people.
•One is considered ‘poor’ if one earns less than $100 USD per month, a family of four with income less than $440USD. A loaf of bread costs about $1, a gallon of gasoline costs about $3.85, the cost of most staple groceries, produce, meat, and dairy are comparable to US costs.
•Current unemployment nationwide is currently 26%, and estimated at 70% in the informal township communities.

•South Africa is reported to have the highest rates of gender-based violence in the world.
•A woman is raped every 23 seconds in South Africa. Reliable sources estimate that over 1 in every 4 women will experience a rape, 5 times greater than the USA rate.
•One in four children will be sexually abused before they are 18 years old.
•Conservative estimates place spouse abuse rates at 25%.
•Johannesburg, SAis the “car-jacking” capital of the world, and the country has one of the highest levels of violent crime in the world.

Health and HIV/Aids
•Mpumalanga HIV rates are now estimated at 40% of those over the age of 18 years, second highest provincial statistics in the country.
•Mpumalanga adjoins Mozambique and Swaziland, with the highest AIDs rate in the world.
•Over 5.4 million AIDs cases are in South Africa, more than any country.

We encourage your involvement in the work of Meniscus, Inc., and we are in very real need of your support in prayer, finances, and friendship. Any contribution in any area will be greatly appreciated and applied efficiently. Meniscus Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. All donations are tax-deductible.
Contact us at, or by mail at P.O.Box 5626, Cary, NC 27512 USA , and by e-mail at


Street side view, Daanjke and Msogwaba, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Street side view, Daanjke and Msogwaba, Mpumalanga, South Africa