Dec 19 2015

Immanuel – God with Us. What does that look like today?

“Immanuel” – God With Us!  What Does That Look Like Today?
“For to us a child is born… and he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace

there will be not end.”  

Isaiah 9: 

6-7.  The prophet Isaiah spoke this truth across 700 years of troubled history, pointing to Christmas and the birth of Jesus, the fullness of Immanuel. God is now with us!
  The questions in our day are;
  • “What will Immanuel -God with us- look like for this young man and his generation?
  • “What does ‘Of the increase of his government and peace’ look like today, and what is our role, that ‘there will be no end’?

At Meniscus, we are committed to walking with this young generation – in Africa and the Appalachians- into the fullness of forgiveness, restoration, and overcoming that Jesus paid the price for over two thousand years ago.


For us that has two nodes of focus; the new Mvumbi Project of holistic discipleship in South Africa, and the Appalachian School of Ministry and Missions in Boone NC. Both are built upon our decade of experience with great partners in Southern Africa and our nearly three decades of public ministry.


We hope you are encouraged in your walk with Jesus today, for every follower is a minister and every place is a mission field. We’d love to have you join in our work.

   Immanuel is present here and now. 2100 years after the first Christmas, Immanuel is still with us. “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” God with us.
Hoping you have a rich Christmas with Him


Feb 14 2014

All Stirred Up…. beyond cabin fever. AppSMM core and a great book

I wanted to send along a link to a book that you might really enjoy….

I think you will really, really like the book, “Miraculous Movements” by Jerry Trousdale. A short read. Lots of meat and not much bone to spit out. Good stuff.
We plan on taking the core lessons from these folks -veterans of the missions church planting movements explosion of the last decade- and use them as a core short-course for an early AppSMM (Appalachian School of Ministry and Missions) module. We plan to jump into AppSMM in early April.

At AppSMM there are perhaps three issues are at core of what we want to impart and change:
**The culture we carry as Christians in America... and what attitudes we really engender in our local fellowships and communities. Parsing and understanding the gaps in our theology and religious cultures… and changing behaviors in obedience to

We carry the glory in some unconventional ways! Coffee & the Kingdom!

We carry the glory in some unconventional ways! Coffee & the Kingdom! “New wine, new wineskins,eh?”

our ‘theology’,
**Re-thinking and re-vamping how we make disciple-making disciples. Attaining simplicity, reproducibility, and sustainability in following Jesus,
** Living like real Trinitarians; living and breathing in unison with and in the strength of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

The core of “Miraculous Movements” is about disciple-making … in this case ‘wrapped’ in the wonderful illustrative stories around Muslim cultures. The central tenets of the same disciple making movements are at the core of the training that Becky and i went through back in 2008-9, led by Dave Watson of CityTeam.
DMM (disciplemaking movements) and CPM (church planting movements) are becoming somewhat interchangable terms within the ‘doing’ community.
Meniscus’ mission is to both engage in,and train in, the disciple-making and the access ministry (compassion, mercy, community development, social justice,disaster relief) that serves as a sign and a wonder and an authentic healing/mercy/grace caring for the local community.
That perspective on the role of the Church is the grid through which Meniscus views missions, Church, the ‘home front’ faith-based social justice/helping hand and equipping role of the local church, as well as the maturing of followers of Jesus Christ.

Probably more than you want to know, but there is my ‘brain-dump’ for the day. Guess the passion has to leak out on Valentines Day, eh?

Oct 8 2009

“Viral Discipleship”

Just wanted to let you know get a sniff of what has been happening here in the last couple weeks. Our calendars have just begun to fill and we are just thrilled and at the same time we are in need of your prayers as never before.

We are just thrilled that our initial group of young adult disciples are in the process this week of launching two new groups! This is the core of why we are here in the townships; to train, raise up, and facilitate disciple-making disciples. Encouraging to see folks going into their neighborhoods “two by two”, telling the stories of God’s goodness and the good news of Jesus.
Today and tomorrow we will meet with the two new groups. Our role will be to just encourage and to train these new leaders, we will not play a participatory role in the new groups. We sure appreciate your prays for Benele, Noktula, Vicky and Tony.
Last week we went to Vicky’s home to begin to pray walk her neighborhood. The idea is to really begin to pray God’s best over the area in which we are sensing we are to work in. Also, as we walk and greet people, to talk to God about the people before we talk to people about God. Again, Becky and I teach and model, then encourage and step back into a support role. Boy, does Vicky’s area need prayer! Tough, tough town. The young disciples are fascinated that we would begin to “bless” those engaged in theft, muggings, rape, and drunkeness, instead of ‘cursing’ them. We’ll keep working on that! It is just so wonderful to see people who are themselves so abused and broken begin to stand up in their circumstances and become strengthened by the Lord as they reach out to other broken people. Pray for us and pray for them and pray for God’s movement over the “S.K. Bar & Tavern”, a rough ‘shebeen’ (unlicensed bar) next door to Vicky’s house.
It’s interesting that this neighborhood is the same one that Vicky and Tony have been ‘ministering’ into for the last months, distributing food items and crops that we have gleaned from the fields of generous farmers.
We’ve had family and friends – especially those from a more “academia-centric” perspective ask if we are not being insensitive to the indigenous culture.
Our response? Every culture has its beauty and its darkness, whether American or African. Every culture is worthy of honor where it shines bright and cultivates the best and most honorable traits of mankind. But we are striving to come from a place of “Kingdom culture”, where we work hard to strip culture out of our message and our actions, so that those following us might find the ‘best’ expression of the True Truths of God and humankinds’ relationship within their own culture. Our central conviction is that a culture is doomed to self-destruction and social ‘cannibalism’ where it devours its weakest, if it does not rediscover and honor cultural mores consistent with its Creator’s nature. More on that in the days ahead, but you might look over the short passage in Exodus 34 on the nature of God. Blessings.