2009 Budget

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Objective #1: Community Development, New Initiatives
Young Adult Leadership Development & Vulnerable Children/AIDs Orphan Youth Clubs
Utilizes 30% of total Meniscus expat staff resources.
Employs 16 youth leaders, initially establishing  4 youth clubs, involving 100-160 youth.?
$5200 per month
Objective #2: Indigenous Church Planting, Training and Facilitation
Utilizes 50% of total Meniscus expat staff resources. 
Targets 24 church starts within the first two years with no paid indigenous staff or pastoral leadership planned.
?$5600 per month 

Objective #3: Community Development, Building on Existing Works
Transformational Training and Support for Township Leadership Initiatives
Utilizes 20% of total Meniscus expat staff resources.?
$2200 per month?

$143,200 total program costs for 2009
Figures include 2 full-time and 2 part-time expat staff salaries, materials, travel expenses, administrative and all program costs.  Once a program is launched, Meniscus, Inc. is committed to all project activities for a minimum of two years.

No outside funding is required for the future maintenance or staffing costs for indigenous church start-ups; expats serve only in trainer/mentor/facilitator roles, and all local church leadership is unpaid, assuring self-sustainability. Historically, new churches under the CPM model cost less than $50 (USD) per church to launch.

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