photo2Meniscus, Inc. is a non-governmental, charitable organization working in under-served areas of the world for the relief of the poor, the distressed and the underprivileged by the transformation and development of healthy families, communities and cultures. 

Meniscus focuses on equipping indigenous peoples in key areas of social, economic, physical, and spiritual matters.  Specifically, Meniscus fosters transformation in the areas of Life Skills Development, Sustainable Economic & Food Production Efforts, Vocational Skills Training, Healthy Community Building, and Indigenous Leadership Training.


We have a small team of co-workers from the US and Africa;  black, white, and colored, who have worked together on various projects over the last several years.

 Scott & Becky Lycan, Meniscus Directors. Bring an extensive and eclectic background blending more than a decade of experience in each of the disciplines of; business management and industry, traditional church planting and ministry, cross-cultural education, and non-profit community development and missions.  They have worked and ministered in the USA, Jamaica, Central and South America, Afghanistan, and the countries of southern, sub-Saharran Africa.  They are the founders of Meniscus, Inc., based in Raleigh and Banner Elk, North Carolina, with offices in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. 

 Darryl & Janine Mather-Pike, associated staff.  A key leadership couple in facilitating community development and serving as Strategy Coordinators in facilitating church-planting.  Darryl and Janine have worked in the USA for several years, pastoring in the “traditional” model in the Cape Cod, Mass. Area. From South African & Zimbabwean roots originally, they have for over three years served as African Directors of Emoyeni, a strong African and American ministry to orphans.

They are excited to pursue non-traditional models in church/evangelism/discipleship, and realize the traditional model of church planting really carries some baggage in the black township community. This couple are both wonderful teachers with real favor in ministering into the indigenous township community, and both have healthy and infectious hearts for the Kingdom of God.  They have born great fruit over the last years leading a ministry into the townships, equipping pastors and leaders, building homes for child-head of households, facilitating development of  family-sized, home-based care to AIDs orphans, teaching at SASMM, and crafting strong ministry bridges between cultures.


Other Engaged Teams

 In addition, Meniscus, Inc. works with all interested faith-based works that are focused on gospel-sowing and the facilitating of indigenous discipleship that yields rapidly reproducing churches. In this regard, we honor denominational traditions, but remain non-denominational in focus. For a list of some of our partner organizations, visit our friends page.