Above & Beyond, Poured out & Filled for the Young

Meet Pastor Pehle (not her real name), a woman of many hats and talents. She is a primary grade teacher in the

Pastor Pehle - a powerful woman

Pastor Pehle – a powerful woman

Elukwatini area of ¬†South Africa’s Mpumalanga Province. She also helps financial ends meet by running a small “tuck shop” beside her house – selling snacks, cold drinks, and basic food items. But Pehle’s real passion is to see the love and mercy of Jesus impact the youth of her community. She pastors two churches and runs a feeding and care point for vulnerable children from a kitchen in the back of her shop. She is an empowered woman who prays and does the work of Jesus.

We met Pehle during a leadership training workshop in which we shared at the new eDwandeli “On the Rock” ministry training center established last year by our friends at Emoyeni and Spark Foundation. ¬†She is one of the 40-60 Christian leaders participating weekly in a growing network of churches linked through the center.

When we visited Pehle in her home a couple weeks ago she asked us to pray with her for the Elukwatini community. Two gangs – the “Wrong Turn Gang” and the “Vandals” – had recently moved into the hills and had abducted, raped, and killed three young teenage girls as they walked home from school. The police seemed powerless to halt the growing violence.

eDwaleni "On the Rock" Ministry Training Center

eDwaleni “On the Rock” Ministry Training Center

As you read this article, would you please pray for Pehle, the community, its young people, and the work of the eDwaleni Center? Your prayers are effective in pulling down evil strongholds.

We are honored and excited to be invited to join in ministry with amazing people like Pehle in the coming days, to see the young people and the community transformed by the power of a living Jesus.



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