Miraculous Math:1 + 2 + 3= 28? African Reality

Just processing gettting back from Africa, and I need to process with you before the ‘burn’ and its glow wears off.  Kind of like the need to put a pad of paper on your nightstand so you can write down God-dreams before they can fade; I need to record some of the occurrences and details of my May in South Africa before they fade. Trusting that these recollections are both for your encouragement and my own direction.

So… the miraculous math. I am the ONE. My calendar was to host a Brothers for Life camp early in May for some 22 IMG_1107young men who’ve been drawn together in the troubled townships of South Africa. It was a great and amazing time -more stories on that in the coming days- but over the last several years with the core of these Brothers I have become “Babe (pronounced “baa baa”) Scott”… part dad, part grandpa, part older brother.

We are working toward ‘incorporated’  lives; growing in a love and lifestyle-walk with Jesus, developing life skills and job skills and moving into micro-enterprises of self-sufficiency. That is the vision. And it must be built upon change, growth, maturity from the inner man of each Brother. Enduring change comes from the inside out. My passion is for this growth, our tool is the Discovery Bible process whereby these young men discover God and his love for each of them. I cannot force the ‘discovery’, nor can I ‘teach’ into discovery;  each young man must discover for himself, in agreement with the Spirit of God, through the Scriptures. Then enduring change can come… from the inside out.

And so the Three. Three young men who attended the Brothers camp asked if we could help them launch a Brothers group in their neighborhood. So I and two other core Brothers went and met with some fifteen young guys from Mashiyo met under a tree to try an intro Discovery study and to discuss the interest in a Brothers Mashiyo Discovery group. “We will think on it” was the consensus, and so the meeting closed.

The next week I came back under the tree at the appointed time and only two guys were there. I was prepared to be disappointed; yet within ten minutes it was evident that the guys had been talking throughout the community and decisions had been made. And so the TWENTY-EIGHT. Twenty eight young men gathered under the shade of the tree, as we clustered into three small groups and engaged with James 1:27, “This is religion that God our Father approves of; that you care for the widow and orphan in your midst and keep yourself from being corrupted by this world.”

The young men were energized. From within these ‘tough guys’ came amazing insights and heart-desires; yearnings to become men of honor and respect, to make their community safe for the vulnerable, a hunger to help the needy, and heart to walk together as men with Jesus. These guys want jobs, income, food, housing, to provide for their families, and the respect that self-sufficiency brings. But, they also want to become men… real men who walk and talk with their God.

Miraculous Math.

IMG_1829 Mashiyo Brothers, mtg 2, big group

I am in awe of whaour Father is doing. I just want to agree with and help facilitate what He is up to. What a privilege to be a part of this.  Your participation in prayer support for Space, Sypho, Jonas, Terrance and the other Brothers of Mashiyo is vital and appreciated. More stories to come.

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