Greenest Man in the Mountains…. Simple is not Easy

Friend Phil DeJong of Journey Group, Charlottesville VA, sent me this great article, and I wanted to pass it along. From the Blue Ridge Outdoors website, it speaks well of life in the mountains.  A worthwhile three minute read.

A gentle reproof to us all, but not with any of the common snarkiness found in social media. I have a neighbor just across the ‘holler’ who’s much like the article’s ‘hero’.

I love living in the mountains. When first we moved here it served as a balm for my soul and rest for my spirit as I decompressed from working in Africa and Afghanistan. But now, I have grown to be deeply appreciative of the resident culture of humility and honor, faith and community.

We are hoping, intending, and praying that some of the strengths of the mountains can rest upon our short-course teachings as we launch AppSMM (Appalachian School of Ministry and Mission) this season; seeking to forge lives of discipleship/missional lifestyle/community transformation/Kingdom of God priorities and love. Come join us.

Simple is not the same as Easy. Hard is not the same as Bad. Love Jesus radically. Become naturally supernatural. Get our hands dirty.  Cultivate honor and humility. “Let your kingdom come” is more than a bumper sticker prayer.

Not always pretty, but most always a rich story

Not always pretty, but most always a rich story

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