Millenials & Poverty:a study on their perspectives

Two excellent links worth following popped up on my radar today. The First today, the Second on Saturday…

The First...A Study report on Millenials Perspectives on Poverty. Very interesting read from Shared Justice site, surveys a sampling from the Millenial generation as to what they think of poverty in America; current prospects, programs, successes, failures, and causes. This is a worthwhile little read.

See if you can make sense of this little synthesis.

The First…If we believe in a gracious, loving, wise and just God and a living, sacrificial Jesus, then we are called to ‘invest’ that way with our own lives. Solutions will be messy, and we need to not fear speaking – and living- hard truths, so long as we do it wisely and in authentic humility. I am so thankful for those organizations and ministries that have been confronting the stronghold of poverty in this country for years, regardless of the paucity of financial resources. And I am thankful for the ‘new things’ that are emerging within Millenials.

Cultures can shift, opportunities can arise,hope can be birthed, and the past can be past. God’s re-invested himself in it every day.


Let’s go. America. Africa. Anywhere and everywhere. Divine infection wherever we are.

The link….


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